Beautiful Garden Ponds Constructed by Experts

Are you looking to add a beautiful pond or a cascading waterfall in your garden? Contact the team at A La Carte Landscapes Ltd to design and install water features that are of the highest standard.

The soothing sound of running water or a perfectly placed pond reflecting the light could enhance your enjoyment of your garden. At A La Carte Landscapes Ltd, we have been designing and building ponds for 15 years. You can rest assured that we have all the expertise necessary to ensure that what we build will not only be attractive, but will stand the test of time and fit into the landscape.

We cover a large local radius including Penrith, Barrow and Lancaster. Contact us to discuss your garden design ideas.

Create Stunning Landscapes for Homes in Windermere

Water features create a unique look in your garden with lovely sounds and aquatic plan ts. They not only evoke a feeling of tranquillity but they also create an illusion of space in your garden. We can help bring your garden to life with the use of water features. Water features add movement and character to gardens.
If you’re looking to add rocks or plants around the pond, we can help.


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Installing water features such as waterfall and fountains

Retaining wall around a new pond

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